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By making your website search engine friendly, more people will come across your business


Don’t get lost on the path to success – creating a marketing strategy will give your business direction


Keeping a close eye on competition will ensure you’re in front of the pack

Getting your ideas onto paper – Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly thinking of new ideas. Their brains are hardwired to always be creating, innovating, and even obsessing. But more often than not, business owners are too overwhelmed with running their own company to ever focus on any internet marketing. Most of us feel like we’re treading water, and always seem to be fighting the current. Even though we know that it takes money to make money, our online marketing efforts have fallen back on our list of priorities. Some of us need motivation, while others simply need more time. The first step in deciding how to execute your brilliant idea is to write it down on a piece of paper; not on a Word document. For some reason, the process of putting pen to paper will make you more determined to see the idea through completion.

Pinpointing your biggest problem – Once your idea is written out, you have probably already found a few glitches. This is completely normal and shouldn’t keep you from moving forwards. The important reason for identifying the biggest problem is so that we can create a marketing campaign around the perfect solution. Because each business is unique, I will take the time to listen to your problems and address the issues with custom online strategies.

If you can’t understand why your existing marketing efforts are not paying off, then you are not alone. As mentioned above, many business owners are too preoccupied with everyday struggles that they don’t have the time or resources to even pinpoint the leaks. Everyone wants a high ROI, but are unable to keep up with the changing advertising strategies. I can help save your “sinking ship” when it comes to finding and plugging leaks in your current marketing plan.

Getting the ball rollin’ – Let’s start by getting to know each other, by exchanging some business goals. Fill out the contact form, and tell me a little bit about your company’s background. Then, I will respond with a detailed questionnaire that will help identify your current problems, create an effective plan of action (marketing strategy), or even build a new or redesigned website. My goal is to catch your vision, and help get your business to a new destination.

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